5th Anniversary of the Dreadnought Alliance

Today (3 April, 2023) the Dreadnought Alliance reaches its 5th anniversary.

Amongst the achievements since 2018, the first three submarines; Dreadnought, Valiant and Warspite are in construction – with a huge amount of progress being made. 

All of the Alliance partners are working diligently on the significant scope of the programme's Delivery Phase 3; to help achieve the shared ambition to deliver the first Dreadnought boat to the Royal Navy – ready for patrol in the early 2030s.

Alex McMillan, Dreadnought Alliance Managing Director, said: "This is a fantastic achievement because it reinforces that the Alliance was, is and will remain the only way to meet our shared Vision, Mission and Ambition. 

"I was absolutely delighted to have taken the role of MD last Summer and remain fully committed to this national endeavour and excited about resolving the challenges that lie ahead. It gives me huge pride to be part of such a strategically important programme and since taking over the role some eight months ago, I have been amazed by the knowledge and effort that each and every one of our colleagues brings to the task: I am also acutely aware of the frequent sacrifices they make. I have been witness to many great examples of achievement by so many dedicated people.

"The 5th Anniversary is a major milestone to acknowledge for sure. More importantly, I wanted to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all of our Dreadnought Alliance colleagues for working so hard, tirelessly and with such commitment."