The challenge of a generation

The Dreadnought programme is about the design, development and manufacture of four ballistic missile submarines that will maintain the UK’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD) mission.

The dreadnought programme


The Dreadnought programme is a true national undertaking and of huge prestige for all involved.


Our first Dreadnought submarine will be ready for patrol in the early 2030s, followed by 3 more in its class.


The United Kingdom has been protected 24 hours a day by CASD, since April 1969.

The Dreadnought Class – Key facts

Each submarine will be 153.6 metres long – the approximate length of three Olympic swimming pools.

Innovative new lighting will allow the crew to simulate night and day – another first for a Royal Navy submarine.

130 crew, including 3 chefs and one doctor

The doctor on board each of the submarines will work from a designated sick bay. Here they’ll conduct routine check-ups, dispense medicines and could care for a major casualty if needed.

Each submarine will have modern gym facilities for the crew, including exercise bikes, rowers, weights, benches a running machine and cross trainer.

This is the first Royal Navy submarine to be built with separate female crew quarters, toilets and washing facilities.

The Challenge of a Generation to Protect the nation

CASD represents a significant national undertaking; drawing on cutting edge capabilities, innovation and collaboration of the best design and engineering skills available in the UK.

Dreadnought is providing employment opportunities and development prospects for a substantial number of apprentices, trainees and graduates in a wide range of technical and other disciplines, for many years to come.

The programme as a whole is supporting around 30,000 jobs across the three Dreadnought Alliance organisations and many more companies within the global supply chain.

The Dreadnought programme’s number one strategic priority is to deliver Boat 1, HMS Dreadnought, on time and the following three boats on schedule, to maintain the UK’s national security. This is an incredibly exciting challenge and we have assembled an excellent team of the brightest and best engineers, project managers and procurement experts. There are amazing career opportunities for anyone joining us.
Alex McMillan, Dreadnought Alliance Managing Director