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We are a commercial alliance between the Ministry of Defence and its two key partners, BAE Systems Submarines and Rolls-Royce Submarines.

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Frequently asked questions

The Alliance Management Committee is responsible for driving delivery of the Programme to performance, time and cost, holding the three supplier organisations (Submarine Delivery Agency (MOD), BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce) to account for delivery of their work scope.

Having a nuclear deterrent has enabled the UK to play a leading role in NATO, European and Global decision making on strategic Defence matters for 50 years. Quite simply, it places the UK on the “top-table” when decisions are taken that impact global security.

From time to time we will need to take submarines out of service for both planned and unplanned maintenance and repair – we also need to keep changing our crews. When you balance these needs out over time, the UK needs a minimum of 4 nuclear submarines in order to guarantee that at least one is always deployed – known as Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD). The UK has maintained CASD unbroken for 50 years.

No. Dreadnought has a mixture of mainly civilian (MOD, RR and BAE) staff. Military staff are employed on the programme but as a secondment from the armed forces.

We would not expect a change of government structure to stop the programme – but as a matter of routine all of our major defence programmes are reviewed every 5 years through a Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) regardless of which type of Government is in power.

The next SDSR is due in 2020. Each SDSR seeks to ensure that tax-payer’s money delivers the security the nation needs within its means to afford it.

It is bound to have some impact on the programme – but it will not stop the programme. Our key suppliers are BAE Systems and Rolls Royce and their supply chain is extensively also UK-based. It is possible that fluctuations in exchange rates (particularly with the US) will occur – as we have seen – but changes of this nature happen frequently for all sorts of different reasons and the UK has well established systems that minimise the impact on its defence programmes.