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The Engineering Assurance Manager (EAM) role is responsible for technical assurance across the Dreadnought programme except for the Naval Reactor Plant where the Joint Design Authority (JDA) provides support to the NRPA and Major Systems Approving Authority in accordance with their Nuclear Safety and Technical Governance Management Arrangements. The role rationalises technical assurance activity across the parties and plays its part in ensuring Dreadnought coherently docks into SDA/Rolls-Royce changes through the Futures Programme. Regulatory engagement is not managed by the EAM role; this is carried out by nominated POCs in accordance with established Design Management Arrangements.

Because the EAM role extends into ALL technical areas of the boat, it has required Level 1 NSQEP.


  • Lead the Dreadnought Alliance Tier 1 Engineering Assurance:
  • Lead the development of the Dreadnought Alliance Joint Design Authority Technical Governance (JDATG) Process to replace the Approving Authority Technical Governance (AATG) Process
  • Provide assurance that the developing Technical Risk Management arrangements within the Dreadnought Alliance will
  • Lead the development of the Engineering Management Plan and the Engineering Assurance Management Plan in response to the formation of the JDA and keep up to date using a defined review cycle.
  • Ongoing management of the Dreadnought Alliance technical governance including the transition from AATG (Approving Authority Technical Governance) to JDATG, ensuring the delivery and secure storage of the technical governance outputs