Principal Engineer – Product Assurance (Trident Engineering)

We currently have a vacancy for a Principal Engineer

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What you’ll be doing:

  • Maintaining and updating the Strategic Weapon System (SWS) Technical Governance Plan and developing a Technical Governance Report
  • Developing the SWS Approvals and Acceptance Policy
  • Managing the input to Transversal requirements team
  • Managing and reviewing the changes in SWS integration requirements
  • Delivering a SWS Major System Reviews and input into the Dreadnought Annual Design Reviews
  • Supporting Spatial Reviews for Missile Compartment and Missile Control Centre
  • Reviewing and responding to Engineering Change Requests
  • Liaising with Trident Systems Project Team and US organisations through UK/US Technical Exchanges
  • Liaising with the Strategic Weapon Test Organisation and the Trident Engineering IPT to ensure change during construction and testing activities is assessed and understood