Senior Project Professional

We currently have a vacancy as a Senior Project Professional

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What you’ll be doing:

•           Working with Stakeholders across multiple organisations in a customer facing role to drive joint understanding and clear communications with respect to risk & opportunity data and information across the programme

•           Supporting the development project controls Risk & Opportunity Team capability including attending and supporting relevant raining where required

•           Supporting assurance activities to provide certainty in the quality and content of risk and opportunity inputs supplied by the Parties and outputs delivered by the Alliance Risk & Opportunity Team

•           Supporting review team audits and assurance activities relating to risk & opportunity

•           Supporting the integration of risk with schedule and cost respectively

•           Operating the Active Risk Manager (ARM) and risk analysis toolsets effectively to maintain the Alliance risk and opportunity data and information

•           Supporting the development of the Alliance Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) to undertake business analysis of risk & opportunity data

•           Maintaining a common set of standards (including data quality metrics) both on the Parties and within your team that enable delivery of high-quality baseline artefacts

•           Supporting the liaison with the Parties to ensure delivery of timely risk & opportunity and AD&E (Assumptions dependencies and exclusions) data to the Alliance-set specification

•           Supporting programme analysis in support of the DP3 new ways of working system integration group teams (SIG) on risk & opportunity and AE&D data quality and integrity

•           Acting as a Risk point of contact for the relevant build point of contact for the relevant build/CIG programme area.