Turbo Generator Supplier Conference July 2024

Over 20 suppliers attended our first collaborative Turbo Generator Supplier Conference on Tuesday 2nd July at the Crown Plaza in Newcastle, hosted by the Dreadnought Alliance, Siemens Energy and Rolls-Royce.

Dreadnought Alliance Managing Director Alex McMillan opened the day with our Vision, Mission and Ambition explaining why we all play a vital role in protecting our families and our Nation.

Marc Smoczyk, Dreadnought Alliance, Rolls Royce Programme Director Royce echoed Alex's opening and asked the audience to go back into their team with energy and pace, and above all be committed to succeeding in this national endeavour.

Daniel Taylor, Siemens Energy UK, Vice President Gas Services UK & IE gave an honest update and explained how his team now, following on from the Supplier Conference in January 2024, prioritise the Dreadnought Programme with the mind-set of the removal of haemorrhaging time.  Dan said, "We are all part of something amazing and keeping our Submariners safe to return to their families when they are out there for months at a time silently protecting us and our families".

Following lunch Submariner Lt Claire Mawson gave a moving presentation on what life was like living and working on board a Submarine and putting what our submariners each and every day into perspective.

The day ended with a fun and light-hearted team activity hosted by Charlotte Hill, Dreadnought Alliance Graduate and a commitment from all suppliers by signing and committing to the Turbo Generator Charter.