Dreadnought Programme Infographic

New GIF highlights facts and figures for the Dreadnought build.

The Dreadnought Alliance has produced an handy infographic which contains interesting facts and figure about the next generation of Dreadnought Class submarines.

The Dreadnought Programme supports around 30,000 jobs across the UK, from design through to build. It draws on cutting edge capabilities, innovation and collaboration of the best design and engineering skills available in the UK.

All of the Alliance partners and suppliers are working diligently on the significant scope of the programme's Delivery Phase 3; to help achieve the shared ambition to deliver the first Dreadnought boat to the Royal Navy – ready for patrol in the early 2030s.

All four Dreadnought Class submarines will be assembled under cover in Barrow at BAE Systems' Devonshire Dock Hall – which is 260 metres long, 58 metres wide and 51 metres high; making it almost large enough to accommodate the Titanic.

Dreadnought is due to enter service in the early 2030s while the Vanguard Class boats begin retiring after four decades carrying out Operation Relentless, the UK’s strategic deterrence mission.

The challenge of a generation

The Dreadnought Class will be one of the most complex machines ever built and it will operate in one of the most hostile environments on the planet.

As the largest Class of submarine ever built for the Royal Navy, each will boast 26.4 miles of pipework and more than 20,000 cables stretching 215 miles – further than travelling between London and Leeds.

The four Dreadnought Class submarines, each the length of three Olympic swimming pools, will help the Royal Navy to maintain the Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD), responsible for safeguarding our national security and way of life. The Dreadnought Programme is a truly incredible national endeavour.