Manthorpe Engineering stand proud as part of ‘Team Dreadnought’

Submarine Suppliers Manthorpe Engineering stand proud as part of ‘Team Dreadnought’

Derbyshire-based Manthorpe Engineering is flying the flag for British manufacturing with pride as part of 'Team Dreadnought'.

Back in January, the Dreadnought Alliance held its annual Supply Chain conference to engage with suppliers from across the UK and share key programme updates.

Inspired by the strong messages shared by Rear Admiral Donald Doull, Dreadnought Senior Responsible Owner and Alex McMillan, Dreadnought Alliance Managing Director, Manthorpe Engineering invited members of the Alliance Programme Team to share the message to its employees in Ripley, Derbyshire, on Tuesday 12 March.

Following a tour of the facilities hosted by Manthorpe Engineering Senior Management Team a presentation was held for its workforce in Assembly facility.

Opening was Matt Clarke - Managing Director who set the scene with the 2024 Supply chain video before handing over to Alex, who stood proudly in front of a large banner of Dreadnought addressing over 90 employees.

Alex said, "You are part of 30,000 people in the UK working on these submarines and part of the ultimate engineering programme in the world. Without you delivering on time to the Royal Navy is not possible. Thank you." 

Alex moved on to sharing a programme update before handing over to Mark Dunn, Rolls Royce Submarines, Supply Chain Director and Nicholas Keeler, Babcock Mission Systems, Head of UK Submarines who both thanked the workforce for continually delivering on time before a Q&A session.

To end the day Manthorpe Engineering employees, Dreadnought Alliance Senior members and members of the Dreadnought Royal Navy crew proudly posed holding the 'Team Dreadnought' banner to show their commitment to playing their part in achieving our ambition: 'First boat Ready for Operations by December 2030.'